Why Is The Climax Important To Your Audience?



“The climax should be unexpected, yet inevitable.” Robert Story

“A climax is a moment of great intensity in the plot of a literary work, generally bringing events to a head and leading to the conclusion.” from

To me, a climax should make your audience say, “Oh shit…” or “Damn.” It’s what will be talked about more than the resolution, the beginning, the characters, and the overall plot.  I even discovered that people talk about “the end” and really mean the climax.

Why is it so important? I was taught to look at a story the same way the audience looks at a story: like an investment of time and emotion. The audience wants a nice return, like any investor. A great climax gives the audience the greatest satisfaction, or what they want as a return for their investment.

I find that to give the audience their perfect return, you need to have an amazing climax.  The events prior to the climax  should have been like a road of twist and turns creating the possibility of it.  Once reached, the climax should feel like the ultimate plot twist.

Your climax should:

  • Should be explosive and surprising
  • Always in within the limitations of the story and settings
  • Lead to a nice wrap up the loose ends of the story.
  • And should feel as if there would have been no other solution, at least in the main character’s eye.

So, in the comments below, use one word to describe the best climax to you?

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