Why I HATE writing a first draft on my computer

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There’s something special about writing my first draft with pen and paper. I feel as if I could think better with pen and paper as opposed to my laptop. I think ideas come to me more organically on paper. I don’t like writing my first draft on the computer.

1. I hate the error marks that appear on WordPress and Word. They are fine when I’m editing the article and I know I could disable them. But it annoys me when I’m typing the first draft and a ton of red and green marks all over my screen. It feels as if I have to clear those marks before I continue writing. In which case, I lose my train of thought.

2. I hated typing on my laptop because my hand touches the mouse pad and it makes the cursor move to different places on the computer screen. So I’m typing allowing and I looked up and I see gibberish because the cursor moved three lines up. or suddenly her typing nothing because I clicked on something in my toolbar. So I have to go badly hit ctrl+z and try to figure out where I left off.

3. I think it so hard to think and he creative on the computer, the distractions of FB and IG. the nervousness of my cursor and I don’t think I can get a flow going.

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