What I’m Learning About Omega-3s and Rhodiola Extract

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Since being home, I’ve been trying to get my life in order. In some respects, I have some things in that I’ve gotten a decent job and got my writing career in full swing.

However, I’ve noticed I’ve had a hard time maintaining my productivity level. I’d get lazy, tired or just drained.

I did some thinking and realized one of my problems was that I quickly get hungry, even if I had eaten within the last few minutes. If I go even so much as an hour like this, I could have pains in my head, stomach, and eyes which makes it difficult to focus. I figured my solution would be to find a way to stop the hunger pains. That’s when  I found online that avocados have satiety which helps stop hunger pains.

After seeing some positive effects from eating avocados, I decided to get some guacamole to make it more versatile in my snacking. I had some guacamole called “Yucatan Guacamole,” which 95% of it’s content is avocado. I noticed my hunger pains were still minimized. However, I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet.

I then decided to see what other types of satiety-rich foods were out there. I can across Chia Seeds that I found at Vitamin Shoppe.  Not only did I get the same satiety benefits as avocado, but I noticed an increase in focus and sharpness. In fact, I’ve also noticed my compulsive behaviors have also minimized.

Chia seeds have high amounts of Omega 3, protein, and fiber. I looked up the Omega-3 and learned that they improve brain functioning and improve focus and moods. I found a Walgreens version of the Omega-3, which was recommended from WebMD.

Also on this path I was looking up a better root based supplement. I had been taking ginger roots because I wanted to improve my root chakra. I wanted to improve this chakra because the root chakra is the basis of the whole chakra system. If you can get that simulated correctly, I can more easily simulate the other six.

I read that root based plants are a great way to strength this chakra. In my search, I ran into Rhodiola Rosea. It’s said that this root improves moods and energy. It was also great for the root chakra. That is when I noticed an increase in my productivity and focus. Also, I saw that I was happier and more relaxed.

I also take Boron to help remove fluoride from my body. I added a multivitamin to add to Naked’s Green Machine smoothies I was drinking for vitamins and energy. I’ve also decided to test out ginkgo biloba extract but I don’t notice a huge difference as of yet.

All in all, it looks like my daily supplements will be Rhodiola extract, a multivitamin, omega 3 fish old concentrate. I then added a quick five to ten-minute workout which I could do twice a day instead of once a day. The advantage of these is really to prevent me from seating in one place all day long and keep the blood circulating.

I’ve been on this plan for about a month now. Again, I’m seeing positive results. The question is now, do I keep improving it or do I figure how to maintain it.

What do you think? Please leave your comments below.

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