Two Monitor Productivity Myth


Oto_godfrey-multi_screen_studioDoes having two monitors improve productivity for writer? Or is this a myth?

When I came home from the halfway house, I figured I didn’t need a television because I could just use two monitors: the monitor on my laptop for my work and a second external monitor for a substitute for my television.  Three years later, I realized that having these two monitors going at the same time actually kills my focus and attention span.

I’m seemingly always looking for a way to increase my productivity. I’ve tried going to libraries, getting a new keyboard, and using to television trays for my computer.  These ideas have worked out great. But I still didn’t get the productivity I wanted.

Two days ago, I shut off my laptop’s monitor and read articles on my external monitor. I realized I was more focused on the task at hand, this case it was job hunting.  At first, I didn’t really care as to why I was more focused, I was just going to roll with it, sort of speak.

However, I remembered that a few years ago I was never productive with two monitors unless I was teaching myself animation or stock trading. However, when I’m writing, I’m lucky to get a few lines down at best.

My theory is that because I have two monitors, I’m trying to focus on both monitors resulting in information overload. My second theory is that I’m really trying to look at both and in turn focus on the monitor that requires the less amount of focus, which is usually my YouTube shows or Facebook games.

As a writer, I only need to focus on one thing at a time, which is the article I’m writing. I can deal with a quick song change or reread that article; however, I can do these with one monitor. Plus, I’m not distracted by the ads and recommendations on the other monitor.

So I’ll try this for a few more days and let’s see if I could get to my goal of having five blog post a day.

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