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The Aaliyah Movie: Just Some Cold Garbage

Aaliyah was a more than a great artist that was on top of the world. It seemed as though the whole world loved her, but unfortunately, she was killed in a plane crash in her prime. It has taken some

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What I Changes I Would Like To Make At Herlong Prison Camp and The Oakland Halfway House

I’ve been thinking about what would make prison camp more productive for the inmates. I thought carefully about all of my experiences when I was in prison at Herlong Prison Camp and when I stay at the Oakland Halfway House. 

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Top Five Lies Women Tell Me That Drive Me Crazy

After reading a blog from Standard media about women lying to men, I started thinking about the lies women have told me. When a woman lies to me, I feel as though it’s my fault. Maybe I’m unapproachable or I

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My Dentist Experience At Herlong Prison Camp

Part of the prison care system allows inmates to receive healthcare. In order to be able to see a doctor, dentist, or any healthcare provider, a form called a cop-out was needed. Once it was filled out and approved, inmates

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You Were ALWAYS A Strong Person Even Before Prison Camp

While I was in camp, I learned that if you became a strong person because of being in prison camp, then you were already a strong person before you got to camp. Prison camp isn’t really about rehabilitation, it’s more

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What Is Love To Me as a Black Man

Many people dream of being in love with someone. They dream of what their life will be like when they’re dating, engaged and then finally married. Society has watched movies of women who were down and out all of a

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Being Positive During Difficult Times

I swear one of the most difficult things to do is get over hard times. Everyone has them and although they create character, it’s rough to get through. It’s like trying to see the forest apart from the trees. It’s

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How I Minimized Procrastination

You know you should be doing more important things, but here you are, playing a game, watching YouTube or TV or talking in the phone. It’s a huge issue for many people including myself. It’s like me taking forever just

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Too Old For Children?

Women are known for watching their biological time clocks like a hawk, however men also think about their age in regards to having children. As I near the age of 36, my mind has been consumed with thoughts of if

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What Does Christmas Mean To Me?

People have varying reasons for celebrating Christmas, but for me, if it wasn’t for the purpose of family coming together, I honestly wouldn’t celebrate it. This day is nothing special to me, except that I get to see family that

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My Bio

Pyerse Dandrige Jr. was born to Sonya Robinson and Pierce Dandridge Sr. on October 29, 1978 in Sacramento, California. He is the eldest of two boys who enjoyed a normal childhood in North Carolina and at the Vandenberg Air Force

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First Day At The Power House Prison Job–Federal Prison Camp Journal

Realizing My Potential and Passion Finding your passion is sometimes hard to do. Most people don’t wake up knowing exactly they want and how they can fulfill their lives. Often people have to go through life’s ups and downs before

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How Important Is Count Time?

Sometimes, I think some of the correctional officers (COs) are lightweight sadists because they use their power to please or thrill themselves. It’s a perfect example of someone abusing their authoritative power. Society thinks prisons are the best place to

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How To Get Readjusted After Returning From Prison Camp

9 Tips for Reestablishing Your Life So you just got home from prison, congratulations! I’m sure seeing your family was a fantastic blessing. Breathing that fresh, clean, FREE air is so refreshing. Now you need to get adjusted to society

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Yoga Tips for Writers

If you’re like me, you sit all day in front of your computer writing, typing, and researching for more ideas. Or you’re just saying that and you’re on Facebook for hours before complaining about how time just flew. In any

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Recreation Procedures Post Lock Down 10 pm Count

From time to time, the executive staff of the prison will send out memos regarding current incidences. Many things can happen in prison and most of the time it’s negative. When negative events put staff and inmates in danger, lockdowns

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Photo Procedures at Herlong Prison Camp

Structure is needed to facilitate order and prisons are full of structure. In this memo from the supervisor of recreation, a detailed system for taking and receiving prison photos is given. The document states that prisoners must wear certain clothing,

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Softball Backstops at Herlong Prison Camp and Stand Up Count Concerns

Herlong Prison has two institutions. The first is an actual prison (Federal Correctional Institution – FCI) and the other is a prison camp which has less security and non-violent offenders. When the administration sends out a memo, it goes to

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Federal Prison Camp–Herlong, Entry 01

Introduction I don’t consider myself to be a professional on the subject of anything prison related. I feel that I would have to spend much more time in prison than the twelve months (of a seventeen year sentence) I spent

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