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I Don’t Like Gay Jokes

  He laughed and said, “Don’t be down there too long. I might like it.” I gave him a dirty look. “Hey man, I don’t play like that.” He apologized and that was pretty much the end of the day. Many

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How To Make Millions With Your Ideas

“Most profitable business ideas are simple: they focus on creating systems that can be multiplied and duplicated without massive costs. A few of the many critical concepts presented in this book are: premium pricing, exclusivity, niche marketing, up-selling, cross-selling, and

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Unmotivated To Write

As I get older I realize that my lack of productivity or lack of motivation isn’t always because I’m lazy. Sometimes I’m unmotivated to write because my room is dirty or because I need new equipment. Other times, it’s because

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People Going To Prison For Drug-Related Crimes Doesn’t Make The Country Safer.

Americans want to believe that sending people to prison for drug-related crimes are the best option for keeping the streets clean. However, sending people to prison for drug-related crimes doesn’t make the country safer. According to a report from the

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The End Of Solitary Confinement in California?

This week I read on SF Bay Review that California State and local prison have been forced to limit their use of solitary confinement units, or SHU. This is thanks to a settlement reached in the Ashker vs Brown federal

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Cleaning my room helped improve my writing

messy room doesnt always help me think

As a writer, I am always looking for two things; a way to improve my writing and a way to produce more blog posts. During my search I’ve learned that many of my writing issues are right in front of

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Being Negative at Work Will Drain My Energy

Unhealthy work places

As I get older, I realize the importance of working at jobs I like and enjoy. I’ve learned that being negative at work will drain my energy. I’ve also noticed that working jobs where I feel overworked and underpaid, or

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The Natural Ergonomic 4000 by Microsoft Review

For a while, I was having wrist and shoulder problems while typing. It felt as if I was squeezing my shoulders and my chest just to type on a traditional keyboard. The problems were so bad, I had to stop

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The Minimum Wage In Sacramento Needs To Be $15 an hour

As many people know, I’ve been working minimum wage jobs for most of my life. I’ve also been working with Sacramento ACT, along with other organizations, in the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. In order

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Two Monitor Productivity Myth

It seems I’m always looking for a way to increase my productivity. I’ve tried going to libraries, getting a new keyboard, and using to television trays for my computer.  These ideas have worked out great, but I still didn’t get

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‎Economic Dignity and employment and housing opportunities for the formerly incarcerated at the LiveFree Community Forum at South Sacramento Christian Center

On May 19, 2015, I had the honor to speak at the Live Free Public Forum which was put on by Sacramento ACT at the South Sacramento Christian Center. This community forum was created to get state and local officials

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You Don’t Act Black

It’s bad enough that African Americans are stereotyped negatively by the media and other ethnicities. We shouldn’t have to deal with negative stereotypes within our community too, however, sadly we do. For some reason, our mannerisms are supposed to define

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Why You Should Follow Your Passions and Be A Writer

After reading an article about Why you should be a writer, I thought to myself, “If you know why you love doing what you do, you’ll never allow anything negative to come between you and your passions.” I try to

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After 22 Years, River City Brewing Company Pushed Out For Sacramento Kings Arena

If you’ve never lived in a small town then you probably won’t understand the outrage I’m currently feeling. Small towns are known for their close knit, neighborly communities. They take care of each other and have a genuine kindness about

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How I broke out of my current writing slump.

Have you ever committed to doing something you loved, but once you’ve done it for a while you’re uninterested? Although you still have a heart to pursue your passions, you may find yourself in a slump when it comes to

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He Pleads Guilty To Taking The Life Of His Cellmate. When He Said Why, Chills Ran Down My Spine

I frequently read, watch and listen to things that pertain to inmates, former felons and jails. I recently watched a video about a man pleading guilty to killing his cellmate. The man’s name is Steven Sandison. He was assigned a

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Inmates Try To Make Quick Money To Overcome Financial Challenges

The majority of inmates in a prison camp are non-violent offenders that just needed money and sought it out illegally. Many wanted to take care of their families the best they could and others just wanted the wealth and luxury

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My Work Ethic Made Someone Quit While I Was At Herlong Prison Camp

You can tell a person’s characteristics by the way they work. It doesn’t matter if they are in prison or outside of prison, their work ethic shouts volumes about them. If someone doesn’t do their job right, you can tell

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Why I Don’t Want To Be A Victim Of The Prison System

  Prison stories are often filled with memories of inmates being victimized by the staff, the overall system or even other inmates. It’s hard to protect yourself from this type of harassment while you are under someone else’s authority. While

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Does Being Single Really Suck?

I was reading an article from the Standard Media website called “How Being Single Painfully Sucks.” While I agree that being single sucks, I also believe that it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Like any

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