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What I’m Learning About Omega-3s and Rhodiola Extract

As I try to reestablish my life after prison, I noticed that even though I found a decent job and my writing career is in full swing, my productivity was suffering. I was becoming lazy, tired and felt an overall

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My Dentist Experience At Herlong Prison Camp

Part of the prison care system allows inmates to receive healthcare. In order to be able to see a doctor, dentist, or any healthcare provider, a form called a cop-out was needed. Once it was filled out and approved, inmates

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Is It Possible To Reach The Ceiling?

If you’re in the corporate world or even just the professional world, you understand ceilings. There are ceilings in talent, position, promotion and much more. Most ceilings are glass and you never see it until you hit it, but what

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Am I Uncomfortable With The Conversation or Intimidated by The Woman

As men and women play this game called love, each side has to go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong with their last date. They second guess themselves and then they somehow come up with

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What Is Love To Me as a Black Man

Many people dream of being in love with someone. They dream of what their life will be like when they’re dating, engaged and then finally married. Society has watched movies of women who were down and out all of a

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Never Get Drunk At Company Parties

4 Reasons to Never Get Drunk at Company Parties Before going to prison, I remember drinking with coworkers after work at a restaurant called California Cafe. To be honest, it was pretty damn cool. It was a great way to

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Homesickness in Prison Camp

Anytime you go away on a long trip, you may feel homesick. This is true for prison inmates as well. My first few weeks and especially during the holidays, I felt extremely homesick. I wasn’t sure what to do, but

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Visitor Information Form and Additional Visiting Information

Inmate Rules For Visitations SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 In a previous post I talked about the rewards of having family visit. I also discussed how important it was for visiting family to read over the rules and regulations before visiting so

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Inmate Rights and Responsibilities And Disciplinary Scale

What Are Your Rights and Responsibilities As An Inmate? Most know that there a lot of liberties and privileges taken away while in jail, but which ones? When you’re arrested, the law enforcing personnel is required to “read you your

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Oakland Halfway House Resident Handbook–Complete

Oakland Halfway House is a transitional living institution for former inmates located in Oakland, California. This post is a brief recount of my stay there and how to survive your stay. Oakland Halfway House is a co-ed residency in which

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Writing Advice: Start Your Story In The Middle

“In Medias res’ if the Latin term for the middle of things, and that’s how Homer opened the Iliad and that’s where you should usually start, although rules can always be creatively broken.” —So You Want To Write” by Marge

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Visiting A Loved One in Prison

Is Your Loved One in Prison? Visiting a love one in prison (camp or otherwise) can be a very rewarding experience. I admit it, I loved seeing my mom during visiting hours. She only came to visit twice during my

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Federal Prison Camp Herlong Entry 02: The Truth about the Prison Healthcare System

I remember I was in the Sports room watching the Heat during the Eastern Conference finals. All of the inmates had assigned seats. The seats that were closer to the TV belonged to the brothers that were in prison the

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Federal Prison Camp–Herlong, Entry 01

Introduction I don’t consider myself to be a professional on the subject of anything prison related. I feel that I would have to spend much more time in prison than the twelve months (of a seventeen year sentence) I spent

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