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He Pleads Guilty To Taking The Life Of His Cellmate. When He Said Why, Chills Ran Down My Spine

I frequently read, watch and listen to things that pertain to inmates, former felons and jails. I recently watched a video about a man pleading guilty to killing his cellmate. The man’s name is Steven Sandison. He was assigned a

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Heterosexual Males Having Sex In Federal Prison Camp

Rumor Has It Sexual desire is normally very strong in males to begin with and everyone knows the urge for sex doesn’t relinquish its grip when you’re in prison. In fact, the desire increases with every hour that it’s unfulfilled.

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You Were ALWAYS A Strong Person Even Before Prison Camp

While I was in camp, I learned that if you became a strong person because of being in prison camp, then you were already a strong person before you got to camp. Prison camp isn’t really about rehabilitation, it’s more

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Unit Rules at Federal Prison Camp, Herlong

Prison is full of rules and regulations, something everyone already knows. However, you would think that strict adherence to these policies would be maintained. From time to time, a memo must be sent out to all the inmates regarding those

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Recreation Procedures Post Lock Down 10 pm Count

From time to time, the executive staff of the prison will send out memos regarding current incidences. Many things can happen in prison and most of the time it’s negative. When negative events put staff and inmates in danger, lockdowns

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Photo Procedures at Herlong Prison Camp

Structure is needed to facilitate order and prisons are full of structure. In this memo from the supervisor of recreation, a detailed system for taking and receiving prison photos is given. The document states that prisoners must wear certain clothing,

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“Cop-out” AKA Inmate Request to Staff

Filing A Request In Prison Filing an Inmate Request to Staff form while in prison can seem like a daunting task. The form itself isn’t scary, but the thoughts of retaliation, punishment and denial can cause fear, depending on what

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Visitor Information Form and Additional Visiting Information

Inmate Rules For Visitations SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 In a previous post I talked about the rewards of having family visit. I also discussed how important it was for visiting family to read over the rules and regulations before visiting so

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Inmate Minute Revalidation Cycle At Herlong Prison Camp

If you pay your cell phone bill each month then I’m sure you’ll understand how the Inmate Minute Revalidation Cycle operates. Every month your cell phone carrier allots you a certain amount of minutes to use each month (unless you

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Visiting A Loved One in Prison

Is Your Loved One in Prison? Visiting a love one in prison (camp or otherwise) can be a very rewarding experience. I admit it, I loved seeing my mom during visiting hours. She only came to visit twice during my

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How to Email Inmates in Federal Prison

When you have a loved one in prison, one of the most important things to remember is communication. Despite their actions and the fact that they are locked away, they still need to communicate with their family. It’s an entirely

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TRULINCS: How It works for Herlong Prison Camp

According the the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), TRULINCS (also known as Corrlinks) is described as follows: “The Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) is a new program currently being deployed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to provide

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Federal Prison Camp–Herlong, Entry 01

Introduction I don’t consider myself to be a professional on the subject of anything prison related. I feel that I would have to spend much more time in prison than the twelve months (of a seventeen year sentence) I spent

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