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What Does Christmas Mean To Me?

People have varying reasons for celebrating Christmas, but for me, if it wasn’t for the purpose of family coming together, I honestly wouldn’t celebrate it. This day is nothing special to me, except that I get to see family that

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How To Get Readjusted After Returning From Prison Camp

9 Tips for Reestablishing Your Life So you just got home from prison, congratulations! I’m sure seeing your family was a fantastic blessing. Breathing that fresh, clean, FREE air is so refreshing. Now you need to get adjusted to society

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Community Based Program Agreement

It’s a great feeling to be released from prison, even if you are going into a halfway house program. The rules are a different, but there is more freedom for inmates. In fact, there’s so much freedom, that there’s an

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Oakland Halfway House Resident Handbook–Complete

Oakland Halfway House is a transitional living institution for former inmates located in Oakland, California. This post is a brief recount of my stay there and how to survive your stay. Oakland Halfway House is a co-ed residency in which

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