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What I Changes I Would Like To Make At Herlong Prison Camp and The Oakland Halfway House

I’ve been thinking about what would make prison camp more productive for the inmates. I thought carefully about all of my experiences when I was in prison at Herlong Prison Camp and when I stay at the Oakland Halfway House. 

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UNICOR Was Down At Herlong Camp

Inmates are required to get jobs while in prison. They are paid various and competitive wages just as if they are in the real world. The only difference is that the wages are significantly lower, so when a good job

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My Dentist Experience At Herlong Prison Camp

Part of the prison care system allows inmates to receive healthcare. In order to be able to see a doctor, dentist, or any healthcare provider, a form called a cop-out was needed. Once it was filled out and approved, inmates

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How I Used Herlong Prison Camp For Self-Development

I found this journal entry in my prison camp journal at home. I wrote it because I was working on some self-development ideas about getting over procrastination and accomplishing my goals. Once I found it, I gave it a quick

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What Are The Showers Like At Herlong Prison Camp?

prison shower

One of the most famous saying for anyone going to prison is, ‘Don’t drop the soap’. Most people think that the showers in jail are large community showers where CO’s and other inmates intimately watch over you. However, I found

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Beware Of Snitches At Herlong Prison Camp

“Snitches get stitches” is a powerful statement that implies that tattle tales or snitches deserve the consequence of being beat up various people. The outside community never favors a snitch and neither does the prison community. I spent a little

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Leather Craft Changes at Federal Prison Camp, Herlong

Prison systems love to keep inmates busy. They provide the inmates with a variety of activities, movies, books and crafting hobbies. They also have available jobs that inmates can apply to. A busy inmate keeps the administrative staff from overworking

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Herlong Prison Camp Institution Supplement Booklet

When starting a new job many employers give their employees a manual to read over and familiarize themselves with all rules and regulations. At Herlong Prison it’s no different when it comes to assigning their inmates to an orientation program.

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Visitor Information Form and Additional Visiting Information

Inmate Rules For Visitations SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 In a previous post I talked about the rewards of having family visit. I also discussed how important it was for visiting family to read over the rules and regulations before visiting so

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Inmate Direct and Prepaid Calling Rates

Staying in touch with loved ones can be challenging when you’re away at prison camp or prison. There are no cell phones allowed and if you’re caught with one then you most likely will receive a shot (disciplinary action). The

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Federal Prison Camp’s Weekly Meal Menus at Herlong FPC

According to TV, prison food always looks like slop from a pig trough that’s ladled into a bowl or plate. It’s the most lumpy looking goop you’ve ever seen. It’s something that you can’t imagine that people would ever eat,

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Federal Prison Camp–Herlong, Entry 01

Introduction I don’t consider myself to be a professional on the subject of anything prison related. I feel that I would have to spend much more time in prison than the twelve months (of a seventeen year sentence) I spent

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Herlong Prison Camp Commissary List Page 2

Prison Shopping List 2 What if you could write a list and have your family or friends go shopping for you? All you would have to do is fill out a form that helped them to know what to purchase.

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Herlong Prison Camp Commissary List Page 1

Prison Shopping Lists What if you could write a list and have your family or friends go shopping for you? All you would have to do is fill out a form that helped them to know what to purchase. You’d

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