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What Is a Halfway House?

Most people know what prisons are and the details of how they may be operated, but most don’t know what a halfway house is. This article will explain what halfway houses are, how they operate, and some of the issues

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What I Changes I Would Like To Make At Herlong Prison Camp and The Oakland Halfway House

I’ve been thinking about what would make prison camp more productive for the inmates. I thought carefully about all of my experiences when I was in prison at Herlong Prison Camp and when I stay at the Oakland Halfway House. 

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My First Team Meeting–Federal Prison Camp Herlong Journal

Prison is supposed to be a place of rehabilitation. If that’s the case, then it should be a place of empowerment. It should focus on helping inmates make plans, set achievable and realistic goals, and find a job after prison.

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Community Based Program Agreement

It’s a great feeling to be released from prison, even if you are going into a halfway house program. The rules are a different, but there is more freedom for inmates. In fact, there’s so much freedom, that there’s an

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Herlong Prison Camp Transfer Plan Sheet

All inmates are waiting for the day that they can leave the prison or prison camp. Some of them, like myself, transfer to a halfway house, but the others transfer from prison to their own residences. This could be that

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Oakland Halfway House Resident Handbook–Complete

Oakland Halfway House is a transitional living institution for former inmates located in Oakland, California. This post is a brief recount of my stay there and how to survive your stay. Oakland Halfway House is a co-ed residency in which

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View from Gap

As a writer, I’m always looking for a way to share my thoughts and experiences with you. Sometimes I never know what I’m going to share, but I’m always ready to share it. While living at the halfway house in

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