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How To Get Readjusted After Returning From Prison Camp

9 Tips for Reestablishing Your Life So you just got home from prison, congratulations! I’m sure seeing your family was a fantastic blessing. Breathing that fresh, clean, FREE air is so refreshing. Now you need to get adjusted to society

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Cheap Dates are the BEST!

Okay, so I’m always stressing about where to take a woman on our first date. It’s almost as if I’m worried about if this place or that place is the most important because it’s a maker/breaker of our date.  I

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Recreation Procedures at Herlong Federal Prison Camp

Prison inmates are kept to strict standards when it comes to dress codes and recreation. However, from time to time, inmates can get off track from the guidelines and will have to be reminded of the rules. Some of the

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National Food Service Menu Inmate Preference Survey

Ever year, inmates are given a survey about the food the prison serves. It asks each inmate which food they wanted to keep and which foods they wanted to get rid of. There are a ton of conspiracy theories about

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Federal Prison Camp’s Weekly Meal Menus at Herlong FPC

According to TV, prison food always looks like slop from a pig trough that’s ladled into a bowl or plate. It’s the most lumpy looking goop you’ve ever seen. It’s something that you can’t imagine that people would ever eat,

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View from Gap

As a writer, I’m always looking for a way to share my thoughts and experiences with you. Sometimes I never know what I’m going to share, but I’m always ready to share it. While living at the halfway house in

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