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Fasting in Prison Camp

They say fasting has benefits for the mind, spirit, and body. Many people have to fast for medical procedures and some do it for religious reasons. I did it fit none of those reasons, but I still experienced the benefits

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Unit Rules at Federal Prison Camp, Herlong

Prison is full of rules and regulations, something everyone already knows. However, you would think that strict adherence to these policies would be maintained. From time to time, a memo must be sent out to all the inmates regarding those

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Dress Code/Personal Property/Work Details at Herlong Prison Camp

Inmate Dress Code Policy Dress codes are important for many places. They help keep a cohesive appearance and allow for overseeing persons to quickly identify who belongs and who doesn’t. Dress codes are also guidelines to clean, tidy and appropriate

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Federal Prison Camp Herlong Entry 03

The funny thing about being here in prison is that the correctional officers (COs) think they are better than everyone else. I don’t know if it’s their job status or just because they’re COs. I wonder if it’s a superiority

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Federal Prison Camp’s Weekly Meal Menus at Herlong FPC

According to TV, prison food always looks like slop from a pig trough that’s ladled into a bowl or plate. It’s the most lumpy looking goop you’ve ever seen. It’s something that you can’t imagine that people would ever eat,

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