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Recreation Procedures Post Lock Down 10 pm Count

From time to time, the executive staff of the prison will send out memos regarding current incidences. Many things can happen in prison and most of the time it’s negative. When negative events put staff and inmates in danger, lockdowns

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Recreation Procedures at Herlong Federal Prison Camp

Prison inmates are kept to strict standards when it comes to dress codes and recreation. However, from time to time, inmates can get off track from the guidelines and will have to be reminded of the rules. Some of the

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Dress Code/Personal Property/Work Details at Herlong Prison Camp

Inmate Dress Code Policy Dress codes are important for many places. They help keep a cohesive appearance and allow for overseeing persons to quickly identify who belongs and who doesn’t. Dress codes are also guidelines to clean, tidy and appropriate

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Destroying or Altering Prison Property

Destroying property is never a good idea. At Herlong Prison Camp, just altering the appearance of certain items will get an inmate into trouble. They will face disciplinary action if they have clothing that are cut and sewn. They may

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The Release of Remaining Prison Funds

When most inmates leave prison, their number need is finances. If friends and family have been putting money into an inmates account, when the inmate is released from prison, the amount within their account is released to them. However, some

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The Expectations of Herlong Prison and Herlong Prison Camp

My thought process when entering prison camp was to make sure that this experience was a positive one. Although I was locked up in a place filled with rumors of gangs, sexual assaults, and a major loss of freedom, I

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TRULINCS: How It works for Herlong Prison Camp

According the the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), TRULINCS (also known as Corrlinks) is described as follows: “The Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) is a new program currently being deployed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to provide

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