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The End Of Solitary Confinement in California?

This week I read on SF Bay Review that California State and local prison have been forced to limit their use of solitary confinement units, or SHU. This is thanks to a settlement reached in the Ashker vs Brown federal

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My Bio

Pyerse Dandrige Jr. was born to Sonya Robinson and Pierce Dandridge Sr. on October 29, 1978 in Sacramento, California. He is the eldest of two boys who enjoyed a normal childhood in North Carolina and at the Vandenberg Air Force

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Recreation Procedures Post Lock Down 10 pm Count

From time to time, the executive staff of the prison will send out memos regarding current incidences. Many things can happen in prison and most of the time it’s negative. When negative events put staff and inmates in danger, lockdowns

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Recreation Procedures at Herlong Federal Prison Camp

Prison inmates are kept to strict standards when it comes to dress codes and recreation. However, from time to time, inmates can get off track from the guidelines and will have to be reminded of the rules. Some of the

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Destroying or Altering Prison Property

Destroying property is never a good idea. At Herlong Prison Camp, just altering the appearance of certain items will get an inmate into trouble. They will face disciplinary action if they have clothing that are cut and sewn. They may

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Can a convicted felon vote in California?

        It is well known that anyone with a felony conviction cannot vote in elections. It’s been an issue for many years. Some think it’s wrong, some think it’s right, and others are indifferent. It’s a big

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