Saying Good-bye to my Stepdad

He was taking his son to prison“On May 12, 2011, I started the day at four in the morning by saying good-bye to my stepdad, who was just waking up to wish me luck. From there, my mom dropped me off at Pierce Sr.’s house just before she went to work. I hugged her good-bye. It was the first time we’d hugged in years. We’re not a real affectionate family. However, anyone could tell how much we loved each other. The fact she hugged me meant that she knew that I was going on a crazy journey. She couldn’t do anything but watch on the sidelines like a stressed-out, emotional quarterback watching his defense hold the other team.

“Pierce was still sleeping when I got to his house. I entered without waking him and lay down on his couch. I actually managed to sleep until he woke me. We talked for a few minutes. I could tell that he was nervous about that drive. The two of us had a lot of issues in the past. It was one of the reasons that I call him Pierce and not Dad, and why I prefer my name to be spelled Pyerse instead of Pierce. However, that day, I saw in his eyes that he was going to take his son to prison. We both knew that I was going to a camp, which wouldn’t be like the prisons on television. However, at that moment I felt like he was doing the saddest task that he ever had to do. He wanted to do it because he knew how hard it would be for me to get there on my own. And maybe he just wanted to say a few last words to me and see me one last time. Whatever his reasons were, I know they were probably the most genuine I’ve ever felt from him.”

Excerpt From: “Subprime Felon: Inside Federal Prison Camp.”

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