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Born as Pierce Dandridge Jr. in Sacramento, California on October 29, 1978 to Sonya Robinson and Pierce Dandridge, Sr.

He and his younger brother had a normal childhood living in North Carolina and Vandenberg Air Force Base where Pierce Sr. was stationed.  Pierce Sr. had two additional daughters from other relationships.

When his mother remarried to Tracy Smith, he lived in Stockton, California for short while until moving to Lodi, California.  His mother remained married to Tracy for over 25 years. During his stay in Lodi, he wasn’t allowed to watch television during school days so he began to write short stories for pleasure as well as board games and plays.  In eighth grade, he submitted of book for publication, but heard nothing from the publisher.   He attended Tokay High School and become a bit of a loner, though he had a few friends.  Though he wasn’t much of a reader, he tried to learn acting and improve writing but was told that he was not good at it either and gave up on pursuing a writing career.

After graduating mid-term in 1995, he worked for a few months. Immediately after attending his graduation ceremony in 1996, he moved out of his parents’ house to live with his aunt in Las Vegas, Nevada. He pursued a degree in animation and computer science while working fast food restaurants jobs.  After eight months, he returned home to his parents’ home in Lodi.

Upon his return, he worked at a hospital filing records in Stockton.  Later, he returned a working fast food before moving on to be janitor at Wal-Mart.  During this time, he attended San Joaquin Delta College to pursue a degree in computer science and took poetry classes.  During his time, he also returned to writing fiction.  However, after not qualifying for student aid, he decided to focus on his writing career, finishing with a science fiction novel called PAWNS in 1998.


PAWNS was published at a local bookstore.  However, no sales resulted from venture.  Later that year, he signed with an agent, which he paid $150 every three months.  After eight months received no results, he terminated the contract with the agent, believing the agent was giving him the runaround.  (He found out six years later the reason why the book never sold because of the grammar errors and poor storytelling.) He focused on writing other books and getting published, while working at Applebee’s bussing tables and hosting.

He returned home again after an eight-month stint in Seattle, Washington in 2002, he returned to Applebee’s and quickly saved his money.  He will move to Sacramento within three months.  He again tried to jumpstart his writing career by rewriting his failed books.  Also, while bouncing around between restaurants jobs, he briefly pursued modeling.  But after having his books professionally edited and being further rejected by publishers, he realized that he needed more skills. So he attended American River College to pursue a degree in English and to strengthen his writing skills in 2003.


As a beginning of 2005, he transferred to Sacramento State university where he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts with a concentration on creative writing.  During his time at Sac State, he received help from a loan officer to purchase five homes in Sacramento, which allowed him not to work while going to school.  He rented four out and lived in one while day trading.  In 2008, all five homes when into foreclosure and all of day trading monies.  He returned to work bussing tables for California Café and a LA Provence.  Although he started during this time to jumpstart his career, he was more looking for a steady job and a clear direction and didn’t put the proper effort in the venture.

In 2009, he was indicted for six accounts of mortgage fraud and money laundering.  During two years of pretrial he began to believe that no government job or professional job would hire him.  He believed the only way to make his degree work wild was to pursue his writing career via online, but again had no clear direction.  Also during his time he created and strengthen his knowledge on how to make money online, with no success.

He was sentence to 17 months in Federal Prison Camp for his for his role in the mortgage fraud and money laundering scheme.  He was sentence to Herlong Federal Prison Camp for 12 months.  During this time he completed two drafts of the remake of crime and punishment along with several short stories and poems.  He improved his reading finishing 14 books during this period.  He then went to the Federal halfway house in Oakland, California. Here he improved his social media skills and social marketing.  He also worked for a temporary agency, ACROBAT outsourcing, bussing tables and washing dishes.  This same agency transferred him to Sacramento at the end of his sentence on August 3, 2012. He received two months in good time.


Currently he’s washing dishes for the same agency and finishing up the projects


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