How To Make Millions With Your Ideas


5188mtDB8rL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_“Most profitable business ideas are simple: they focus on creating systems that can be multiplied and duplicated without massive costs. A few of the many critical concepts presented in this book are: premium pricing, exclusivity, niche marketing, up-selling, cross-selling, and franchising. You’ll also learn how to become a recognized expert in your field, market products directly to the public, profit from selling information, and build salable assets,” from

While I was in prison camp, I was looking for a way to make money with my ideas, and my bunky referred this book to me. The book talks about how to take your ideas to the next level. “It’s one thing to want to do a project, but another to get paid from it,” my bunk told me.

Kennedy says that the best was to make money from your ideas is to create a membership option. This would allow people to come back regularly and it would give me a steady income. Also, it’s best to make the value of the product worth more than the money the customer is paying. For example, one of the ideas that I came up with from reading this book was to charge $5.99, and some DVDs or maybe a second book that combine is worth $25.00, but sell it for $9.99.  I had another idea to start a news service that’s worth $15 a month and charge them $7.50, assuming the $7.50 will cover the business expenses. I also created an idea where I could use articles on the news site for a magazine and a podcast. Those ideas haven’t happened yet however.

For anyone who looking to generate ideas for a business, I highly recommend this book.




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