How to Email Inmates in Federal Prison



Probably one of the the most important things to the emotional stability of an inmate is regular communication from his or her family and friends. Now the Bureau of Prisons made it mandatory to that all federal prisons have the TRULINCS system to communicate with love ones. Its also a way for inmates to access current BOP news and updates.

How to set up the account:

1. Give the inmate a valid email address by way of regular mail or over a telephone.

2. Once the inmate adds the email address to his/her TRULINCS account, you’ll get an email requesting he’d add you to his TRULINCS account. (Note: you dont have to be on his visitors list to send and receive email)

3. Click Register as a new users for the CorrLinks system. You’ll signup with your email address and your current information.

4. The next screen will allow you to add the inmate’s reg number then click accept.

5. Once completed, you’ll get a verification email.

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