How To Avoid Writing Like A Victim



The biggest problem I’ve had with stories about victims is that the writer will try to force me to feel a certain way or “tell me” how to feel. This is breaking the “show and not tell” motto all writers and sort of begs the readers emotions.  It could make some readers feel insulted or it just simply turns them off.

So here’s what I suggest:

  • Just tell the story. All the events to unfold as they naturally need to. It would come up with it’s own tone.
  • revolve your story around a human struggle theme which show how this event prevent the person from the normal human pleasures and needs and how that person overcomes it.
  • Use humor. Rather  sarcasm, dark humor, or whatever,  well placed humor will lighten up the mood and not purposefully trigger your audiences emotions. (If your reader feels any emotion, they’ll feel it regardless of your humor.)
  • Don’t forget to focus on your poetic devices or maintain your language to create vivid scenes or action sequences.
  • Perhaps allow the dialogue to move the story forward.

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