How I Minimized Procrastination

One of my biggest problems is getting over procrastination.  I like to sit around and focus on Facebook games and YouTube videos before I start a project. As you can guess, it’ll be hours before I even get to the actual project and nothing gets done. This drives me crazy. So what I’ve done was create a system that would help me stop procrastination. Well to be honest, everything I’ve done to stop procrastination only made me relapse and procrastinate more.

So instead I focused on minimizing procrastination and understanding why I procrastinate.  Here’s what I’ve done to minimize this issue.

  • I sat down and understood why I procrastinate. For me it was a fear of the possible outcome. When it comes to writing, my fear is that I’d suck. Most of the time, however, my fear is wasting my time and money. I’ve also learned that I might not be fully healthy enough or have enough energy to do what I need to do.  Sometimes I’ll try to write all day long without properly eating or sleeping. Lastly, I’ve figured out that sometimes I’m in the wrong location to do what I need to do. I’ll try to write in my house all day long without leaving, which rarely works.
  • Now that I have that understanding, it’s a matter of correcting my mistakes.
  • I stopped looking for approve for every thing I do. I was always concerned that people would hate what I do.  So I would stop writing or not publish something until all was good. Also I’m concerned that I could be alienated for what I’ve writing. Well as a writer, that’s going to happen anyways. Though I treasure and value constructive criticism and advice, I will not write or do something for someone’s overall approve or favor towards me. Once I did this, I found a sense of freedom that I can do anything I want when I want. So I do. There’s no fear of what if someone opinion because their opinion isn’t needed for my success.
  • I exercise thirty minutes a day, drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and eat a minimum of two meals a day.  This first change gave me the necessary energy to not only correct the list below, but helped me from burning out and having mental drains every day.
  • Then I created realistic goals. Fifteen blog posts a day is NOT a realistic goal for me. Though my goal is five posts a day, I strive for two daily. However, if I only come up with one post, I’m not going to beat myself up over it.
  • In addition to the above point, I don’t give myself more than I WANT to do. I can work 12 hours a day on any project, but I don’t want to. I only want to work two hours on a project. So I make plans to do two hours of work. Now I’ve solved my problem of wasting my time and money, well at least my time at least.
  • Now for my place of operations, I like to work in places that are similar to what I’m doing. I like to write in public library–ideally before the high school kids get there.  By writing in the library, I can feed off everyone else who are writing and reading.  In the library, there are no distractions like in my house. So to get everything done in a timely manner is simple.
  • Lastly I create a to-do list.  One reason I procrastinate is because I have too many things to do first. Since I don’t know what to do first, I do nothing at all. By prioritizing my day and projects, I find that I get more done at a fast pace. Now I could sit around and play my FB games or sleep, or whatever I want to do.

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