How I broke out of my current writing slump.


museumI was stressing out because I was going through a slump. I just didn’t have any motivation to write at all, even though I was on my computer daily. However, I stopped and finally realized how to get out of my slump.

First I changed my workstation. I made sure that my work station was comfortable. I bought a new chair with a mesh back and a super comfortable chair bottom. Then I also bought a mouse and traditional keyboard to avoid typing on a laptop. I also elevated my main monitor to where it was eye level, which prevents me from lowering my head and hurting my shoulders.

Next, I cleaned my room. A clean room helped me focus because my mind was clean. I guess it’s something like a clean room equals a clean mind. I’m guessing that the clutter in my room and on my floor is the same as the clutter in my head. I’m guessing the organization of my room is the same as the shatter-brain-ness of my head. Also, I noticed that I was also breathing better. I think it’s because I cleaned up some smelly stuff in the room.  I now have to remind myself to clean my room weekly, at least.

Finally, I did was exercises on my arms and wrist. Because I was having a writing slump, my forearms and hands were getting sore within a minute of typing. To solve this problem, I started exercising my wrist, hands, and shoulder. These are the areas that get sore while typing and sitting. Here are the exercises I’ve done for my wrist and hands.

These are the exercises I do for my shoulder:


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