Heterosexual Male Having Sex In Federal Prison Camp


To my knowledge no one had sex in federal prison camp while I was at Herlong Prison Camp. That being said, I’ve heard a ton of rumors!

I heard that one inmate got caught getting a blow job from his wife in the woman’s restroom during a visitation. According to this rumor, the inmate had a blow job from his wife and got away with it. I guess he needed another go-around and that when they got caught. He was moved up to a FCI and got an additional year. His wife was not only banned from visiting her husband, but got a year in prison. I heard her charges was raping an inmate.

I was told in my A&O Meeting that inmates are considered not to have the mental mindset to have consensual sex (straight or otherwise). So according to the camp counselor, any sex is rape.

The next rumor I heard is that inmates paid prostitutes come to the Leisure Library. I remember people making jokes about me because I spent a lot of time in that library. That library use to be the “whore house.” The library use to also where inmates watched a lot of porn there as well.

Another rumor I heard that there was a CO who charged $500 to have sex with an inmate. Supposedly, the inmate would have money wired to the CO’s account. Once the money is received, the inmate is taken to a place where neither one of them would get in trouble.

I’ve heard rumor that some inmates got head and sex while going on community service. I could see it possible because there were times when we were alone. All the inmate would have to do is make sure they’re fellow inmates keep quiet–maybe with bribes, I don’t know.

The last rumor I’ve heard is after 10 pm count, the CO would be in the backroom. Rumor has it, inmates would sneak out the back door and have a girl waiting in the parking lot, track, or baseball diamond.

As far as the gay rumors, I’ve seen no evidence that there was any homosexuals in Herlong ┬áPrison Camp when I was there (May 2011 – May 2012).

I have no proof of these rumors. I’ve not seen any proof that these rumors could even be true. Also, I know the inmates that told me these rumors have been bsing and joking. So please, take no faith in these rumors.

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