Herlong Prison Camp’s Job Fair


jfsm1There was a voluntary Job Fair, which it turned out camp inmates all had to attend.  It was held it in the visitor’s room. I have to admit, it was the biggest joke of a fair I’ve ever seen.

The purpose of the job fair was to teach the inmates how to conduct themselves at a job fair and how to get the most out of the job fair. Normally, if you’re teaching someone this, you would give them:

  • Interview skills
  • What to wear
  • What questions to ask employers and how to ask those questions
  • What to bring (resume, ID, prove of accomplishments…)

Nope, not at the job fair at Herlong Prison Camp.

Below are the questions they gave us to look over. But there was no way to use the job fair to test out these questions or to learn how to use them because the job fair was really advertising halfway houses, schools, and job placement services. The job placement services where in Nevada. The halfway houses were in So. Cal. And the schools where any where from So Cal to Northern Nevada.  There was a probation officer from Sacramento, but I didn’t get to meet him.

All we did was walk around and talk to people who were advertising their halfway house information or their school information.

I spend less then five minutes in that place before I was allowed to leave. I voiced my opinion on the survey sheet.



Job Fair 1 Job Fair 2

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