He Pleads Guilty To Taking The Life Of His Cellmate. When He Said Why, Chills Ran Down My Spine


maxresdefault (1)I just got done watching this video below from a site I found online. It’s about an inmate, Steven Sandison, who plead guilty to killing his cellmate after he trying to justify molesting children. Sandison repeatedly gave his cellmate the chance to be quiet. He even allowed the cellmate to stay the night if he looked for another place to stay the next day. The cellmate still didn’t stop talking, so the he killed him.

What got me the most was the fact the Sandison stood in front of the judge and told his story with no remorse, no shame, and no guilt. It was almost as if Sandison knew in his mind he was completely justified in killing his cellmate.

I don’t think Sandison should have killed his cellmate over this. However, I’m saying that opinion at home where there is very little danger and no prison politics. Maybe Sandison thought his life was endanger because some inmates believed that child molester have no control over their sexual desires and urges. Or maybe it was just like he said it was: he didn’t like child molesters. Maybe he simply didn’t respect him. Maybe he didn’t want to be associated with him because jail house politics, something I couldn’t explain because I went to a camp and not a “prison.” Maybe it could have created a precipitation that Sandison was also a child molester himself or someone who supported them, either of which is not a good look in prison because inmates hate child molesters.

All that being said, Sandison had nothing to lose. Sandison was sentence to life with no parole for a 1991 slaying. Maybe he killed his cellmate because he had nothing to lose, hence his laid back attitude about the killing.

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