Five Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page


Like everyone, I’m trying to grow my Facebook fan page, Pyerse Dandridge Fans. I got it up to 92 fans but I was always wondering how to increase them and to make the Page more interesting.

Well I found this web page and it seems to give some good ideas I think I would like to try some day. ;

Here are the five ideas they mention:

1. Give ‘em some incentive.

You can’t be the page who wants everyone to look at you because you have a product your proud off. People see that as spamming or just plain uninteresting. By giving people something that benifits them, they would more than likely give into you on the return of profits or traffic.

According to a recent study from ExactTarget, 58% of Facebook users expect to receive discounts or promotions from “liking” a business page. ;Pony up a few prizes or give incentives and see what happens.

2. Monthly Giveways (or Weekly)

Have a contest and then brag about the winner. Usually in turn the winner will brag and tag you. Pick a contest that you’re audience would be interested in: Short story writing for writer pages or best jokes from your fans if your a comedian running a page. ;

3. Raise money for a charity

People like people who have generosity. Promote your charity with a passion and ask your fans to suppose your effects. Rather it’s a church or a children’s home people would support you just to support a cause that your passionate about or that a passion that they sharw with you.

4. Fan of the Week

Have a contest or just randomly pick a fan. Pick a fan who crazy, entertaining and someone who is very active on your page. ;Hype up their facebook profile or wven better their page, if they have one. Hype them up and make their page looks like the greatest thing in the world. ;Give them crazy love and they’ll ;return the love to you. ;

5. Give your fans rewards

Once in a while give your fans discounts to restaurants or plays. Or whatever they enjoy! This could also benefit you another by finding local or related businesses. As you promote their business, you could reward your fans with discounts to that business. ;

I hope to push these ideas as soon as I get a chance. If you had any luck with these ideas please comment below.

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