Fasting in Prison Camp


512px-Fasting_4-Fasting-a-glass-of-water-on-an-empty-plateOne day at camp, I decided to fast. I did so accidentally at about 3:30  p.m. because I missed the short line (the food line for food service workers). As longs as I didn’t think abut food, I did not hungry. Things in my head have got stronger. I had been doing a lot of vibrational states automatically and i had happy thoughts. I’m learning and making myself happy in this lower physical, which will even more easily to see and understand my inner demons.

Now I understood them, I could get rid of them and free my mind for the real God within. I have to feel that people are important, how to be happy, and how to understand that some people are miserable and by getting or me, they are only reflecting themselves. So in order to have the feeling and conversations and relationships I want I have to reflect how I feel myself. I allowed my words to express my feelings and get what I want in life on paper.

It’s because of my fasting, looking at my problems and forgiving who needs forgiving removing those anger and hatred from my body and mind. About twenty-four hours later, I was happier than I had ever been. My yoga teacher said I was cleansing all my emotional baggage.

The vibrational states sent chills down my body and feeling strong sensations in my left hand and up my left arm today. I had them strongly and sporadically. Off and on, my left hand will get cold and I had a sensation but my face and body felt normal.

Next day after fasting, I stopped having my fourth meal and had one of the best workouts I had in prison. So I think I would get stronger because of eating less. However, I would have the have a snack after I returned from the library.

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