Does Being Single Really Suck?

single1I was reading an article today from the Standard Media titled “How Being Single Painfully Sucks.”  I agree that being single sucks, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.  I see it as a situation with disadvantages and advantages, much like any situation. I got a lot out of being single as far as understanding myself on an emotional and mental level. Also, I found that being single gave me a chance to understand what I really wanted in a woman and WHY I really wanted a Black woman instead of any other type of woman.  I’ll discuss that in another blog post. I just want to talk about what sucks about being single. I’ll keep it real with you, loneliness is horrible at times.

I hate being single when I’m sick. I had the flu a few months back. Luckily, I was at my parents house, because I live there, however, I would have loved it if a girlfriend walked in and checked up on me from time to time.  I understand that a girlfriend couldn’t be around me all day because of the cold, but still just to know she was there would have made me feel a lot less lonely. I think there is nothing worse than going through a sickness by yourself, or at least away from your loved ones, which is why I hated getting sick in prison camp. If I had a girlfriend’s presence, I wouldn’t feel alone.

Cooking is another thing that sucks about being single. I like cooking for other people when I’m not working as a cook. I would love nothing more than to cook for that special woman in my life and see her enjoy every bite.  I also would love it to see her cook for me. My first reason is because I love a home cooked me from a sexy woman. I mean, what man wouldn’t like that? Second, I have a problem with being fatigued after a long day at work. It’s difficult for me to get up and cook after work. So, if she cooked for me, I’d be very grateful. Luckily, at the time of this post, I’m with my parents who handle the cooking after work for me.  That being said, I still would rather have a girlfriend cook for me.

The lack of sex is also an issue. I mean, yeah, I could have as much sex as I want being single, but the sex is inconsistent because it’s always a different person. It’s annoying to me to continuously find get to know the sexual needs of different partners only to find out it’s the same old thing the last one wanted. Also, I hating finding out in the bedroom that me and my new partner have no sexual chemistry. It creates a strange awkward moment. I’m not sure if I should run out the room or tough it out and make the situation better.  I also find women boring when they only offer sex.  I would like to do more with her then just sex. One advantage to being in a relationship is that we together because there more than just sex.


Then there is the “when are you getting married” conversations with friends and family. I have just told them to “mine your own business,” or “I’m not ready yet.”  Sometimes, I only need to say those words to end the conversation. Other times, I find myself in an endless conversation about the advantages of being married.  After a while, they start looking at me as if I was gay or like I had mental and trust issues. So I started telling them I dated women that would be disrespectful for me to bring around them.  Because I have a way of telling them the truth in nasty or gory ways, they chose not to allow me to expand on this and ended the conversation. However, it still doesn’t end the treatment.




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