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What Does Christmas Mean To Me?

People have varying reasons for celebrating Christmas, but for me, if it wasn’t for the purpose of family coming together, I honestly wouldn’t celebrate it. This day is nothing special to me, except that I get to see family that

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How I Overcome Boredom In A Relationship

In a previous post, I talked about how people would rather be in a bad relationship than to sit a home and be lonely. I mentioned that bad relationships could lead to arguing and disappointments, but I today I want

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Preferring N-word Over African American?

According to a TMZ poll fifty-five percent of Black Americans prefer to be referred to as N***a and the remaining forty-five percent prefer African American. Why? Well, according to the rap artist, Suga Knight, “We aren’t from Africa.” I’m assuming

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My Bio

Pyerse Dandrige Jr. was born to Sonya Robinson and Pierce Dandridge Sr. on October 29, 1978 in Sacramento, California. He is the eldest of two boys who enjoyed a normal childhood in North Carolina and at the Vandenberg Air Force

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Do People Have Bad Relationships To Avoid Being Lonely?

Most people want to be in a happy and loving relationship with all the bells and whistles of their heart’s desire. Those that can’t find a partner to be in love with often unwillingly settle for lonely days and nights.

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People Do Research and Still Can’t Show Me Evidence?

The world is full of disagreeing people. It seems that no one can see eye to eye on almost any subject, we’re all divided. From religion to politics to social norms to sports, nothing is unanimously agreed upon. The only

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Sports To Ban Nigga/er?

I read on today that David Stern and Roger Goodell “might make the appropriate choice to define their workplaces as slur-free zones.” To my understanding, if this ban happens it would only take place while the players are playing

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Pointless Childhood Romances

I cracked up when I saw this picture. It reminded me of how silly and funny childhood romances were. They consisted of notes being passed from person to person just to get to the right girl or boy. You’d have

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How To Have A Sports Argument

Sports is probably America’s favorite pastime. We groom our children to play sports, watch college sports and go hard for the minor and major leagues. Most of the time we are screaming and cheering for our team, but then there

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N-Word and Why I Don’t Use It.

This word is probably one of the most controversial words in the history of the world. It’s racist when one culture uses it and it’s becomes cultural when another race speaks it. It’s acceptable in one family, but unacceptable in

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Are Facebook Games A Money Grab?

Facebook games are truly an addiction that’s easy to fall into. Once a friend starts to play a game and invites you to play then you both become hooked. You begin sending each other lives, game accessories and other important

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I Can’t Play Candy Crush

Everybody needs a way to pass the time and most of us choose to play games. Whether it’s on your PC, Mac, mobile phone, TV or gaming console, I’m sure you have at least one favorite game you love to

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George Zimmerman Not Guilty & Acquitted. Dad′s A Freemason Judge Does That Matter?

No Way Free Masons Helped Acquit Zimmerman One day as I was browsing the internet I came across a site owned by C.KHiD. His website features hip hop news and other related articles. However, he had an article about George

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Don’t Riot Over The Zimmerman Trial Verdict

I’ve never really understood riots and looting, but after the Zimmerman verdict – I’m still just as confused as I was before! Riots cause damage to businesses, communities, and people. Have you ever looked up the amount of people that

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Hide and Go Seek

Playing games with your siblings and cousins can seem like a fun experience when you’re a kid. The excitement level is high and you don’t have to feel awkward like you may feel in school. Now that you’re around family,

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From Pierce To Pyerse

There are many African Americans that have non-existent or poor relationships with their parents. Most of the time, the bad relationship is due to an absent father. Although some will have father figures in their life, some will hold on

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Sometimes It’s The Man’s Fault When Relationships End

Real Reasons Men Leave Women In a few women magazines and self help books, I’ve read that women should dress a certain way, talk a certain way, or cook and clean to keep their men happy. I think there’s some

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Men Need More Than Just Sex

I was reading an article on a site called Black and Married with Kids which discussed the failures of romance and gave advice for men.  There were four points, but the one I especially agree with was, “Even though we

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What Would My Future Self Tell Me?

We always say to ourselves, that if we’d known what we knew now back in our youth, things would have been different. What if there was a way to do just that? What if your future self could somehow contact

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Cheap Dates are the BEST!

Okay, so I’m always stressing about where to take a woman on our first date. It’s almost as if I’m worried about if this place or that place is the most important because it’s a maker/breaker of our date.  I

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