Are Facebook Games A Money Grab?

The short answer is YES–Duh!

I mean that’s how they make their money.  However, if you want to be successful in the games like get all the fancy costumes or power-ups, you’re going to have to spend a few bucks doing so.

Point in case, Marvel Avenger Alliance. I think I had to spend about $100 total on that game. Not get me wrong, I got cool characters and some dope costumes, but I never got to the highest ranks. Why? Because even though I was mildly to heavily addicted to the game, I never spent TONS of times or money on it. So on the PVP I might get up to the Gold Level (second level on the tournament game) but never much further.

Another case in point,I was playing Papa Pear Saga.  In order to go into the desert area, I had to get three golds or beg my friends to help me out. I don’t have that many friends to help me with it. So I paid $1.50 for 15 gold bars. That was more than enough to move on.

I heard people paying upwards to $100/month on the game just to get elite statuses. I found out someone on Facebook spent over $4000 on Marvel Avenger Alliance.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not spending that kind of money unless I’m getting a return, or a chance for a return.

This is why, again, I’ve quit these games. I really cant enjoy them unless I’m spending money on them. No I haven’t spent as much as others have. But why the hell would I want to?


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