After 22 Years, River City Brewing Company Pushed Out For Sacramento Kings Arena

RvrCtyERiver City Brewing Company has been a staple in Downtown Sacramento for 22 years. Suddenly, it’ll be moving out of Downtown and into Citrus Heights.

I wish wasn’t moving. I really liked the idea of the Sacramento Downtown area having long lasting Sacramento favor and history. My dream Downtown Sacramento is to see a mix of the old and the new. I want to see some brand new restaurants and hotels standing next to historic Downtown Sacramento establishments. I don’t want to see a bunch of corporate restaurants and chain stores.  By the Kings forcing River City Brewing Company to move, it makes me think that Sacramento is going to be a downtown full of corporate, chain stores. That doesn’t sound as if it will have the unique favor of Sacramento in it’s downtown. It sounds like Sacramento is too focused on trying to be like L.A. or San Francisco. Though I understand that this city needs some elements of those larger cities, I don’t want to lose all the small town uniqueness that was Sacramento.  I don’t like the idea that Sacramento is giving up it’s history in place of large corporate dollars.

Of course, I’m going to stay patient and see what happens. I just hope this works out in a few years.